Beach #1

Daylight test shots with Ilford Delta 3200, shot at EI 1600 and processed in Microphen stock for 6:30 at 24c. This is from a test film continuing to explore film and developer options for a higher ISO B&W film.

These were shot with the M7 and 50mm Summilux ASPH using a B+W 091 red filter in full sun.

Here is an enlargement showing the grain…

Although it is pretty grainy, the images are sharp and seem to have better tonality than I was finding with pushed Delta 400 in ID-11. However, it will take a few more films to determine how much of this is due to the exposure (these were deliberately 1 stop overdeveloped relative to the suggested developing time), the film, or the developer.

I quite like the results, but this is by some margin the most expensive combination of B&W film and developer that I have yet tried, working out at around 10€ per roll at local prices.

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