Barcelona Street Art


Rabbit, Barcelona.

Street art in the old town, Barcelona.

Ilford Delta 100 shot with a dark red filter, and processed in ID-11.

The scan resolution is not great, partly because I opted to scan (macro photograph) the negatives as complete frames, including the sprocket holes. While this seemed a cool thing to do at the time, I think the effect is a bit clichéd and I cropped this to match what I saw – you can see the raw scan and another from the same mural below.

You can also see that the raw negative captured somewhat more than was intended, which is a consequence of the rather dodgy framing accuracy inherent to Leica film cameras…

Rabbit, Barcelona (full frame).

Rabbit, Barcelona (full frame - from a different section of the mural).


    • I think there is a strong distinction to be made between graffiti and street art. Idiots who just scrawl their name over everything vs some who genuinely put effort and talent into creating.

      We are quite lucky in Barcelona as there seems to be much more of the latter than the former. It is driven by a lot of motivations – political scenes are common, as are numerous attempts by people trying to assert an artistic identity, much like Banksy.

      I really like the way that a lot of this art ages in the city, due to weathering or crumbling walls or simply due to repeated over-painting…

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