Week 2 :: Bland

Football at Fort Pienc, Barcelona

Five somewhat diverse images taken with the Ricoh GR in Barcelona. The most interesting photographs from the week again can not yet be published, so these are somewhat (deliberately) bland – although two images have been chosen to send a decidedly un-bland message to certain people. I still can not quite believe that I am leading with a photograph of football, although perhaps it is good to have managed a whole week without an attempt to destroy the camera…

These were processed from RAW using Capture One 9.0.2, which remains an exercise in frustration. Switching back and forth between two photographs takes 10s of seconds for the image to render correctly after each switch. Copy-and-paste settings from one image to another and often nothing updates on the screen until after you switch away to another image. Rotate an image and half of the time the screen will get stuck showing fragments of two completely different images. If you are using (the generally excellent) Capture One 8 and are thinking of upgrading, don’t.

Construction at Glories, Barcelona La Tiles on Plaza Monumental de Barcelona Mercat dels Encants, Barcelona Organic - architecture at the Ciutat de la Justicia, Barcelona

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