A Digression by any Other Name…

A slightly belated and vaguely Valentine’s day related post, with a set of macro photographs of prize-aspiring roses. Apologies for what a somewhat “filler” post – this was shot at the annual rose competition in Barcelona last year. Unfortunately, the photography here is somewhat disrupted following several incidents that conspired to combine equipment, photographer and gravity in a rather unfortunate way. The photographs were taken using a mix of Canon 5DIII with 100mm f2.8L macro, and the Olympus OM-D E-M10 with 60mm macro lens. In practise, it is almost impossible to tell which camera took which […]

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Barcelona Pride 2016

A selection of images from this years Pride march in Barcelona. The route this year was longer than in the past, running from Plaça España down the Parallel and then on to Moll de la Fusta in Port Vell where the concert stages and stalls were setup. The weather was cripplingly hot – but fortunately there were numerous people spraying water over themselves and everyone else in the crowd.

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Water-taxi on Lago di Como, running from Varenna to Belaggio, Italy.

One of the numerous water-taxis, running between Varenna and Belaggio on Lago di Como, Italy. This is a composite of two digital images, processed to give a more film-like look (the lack of dust and fluff should give this away!). Although shot from the same location, the background sky and boat did not in reality appear at the same time. Back to real film and a slower pace tomorrow…

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Snail on a rock

Helix sp on a rock. This is a good example of what can be done to rescue a somewhat badly lit photograph in Capture One. After adjusting the overall exposure, the snail was masked and the surrounding background significantly dimmed. This is the original image:

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