Area Privada

Area Privada de Caca, Seva, Catalunya. Leica M7 with Zeiss ZM 2/35.

Schoolboy humour, Seva, Catalunya. Seva has along with many other municipalities declared almost-but-not-quite-there-yet independence from Spain, currently yielding much the same practical effect as the modification of the sign has had on local hunting.

Leica M7 with Zeiss ZM 2/35 and 091 red filter (again). Shot wide-open in a doomed attempt to separate the sign from the background.

This was taken using a test roll of Ilford FP4+, to get a feel for how this ISO 125 film compares to HP5+.

It is clear that the grain is finer, but it is still quite evident. This image was slightly over-exposed, and the correction and contrast boost in Lightroom has made the grain more prominent than it would usually appear. The finer grain does seem to help a little with the background, probably because grainier films give a false sense of detail in blurred areas. There is also possibly more contrast from the FP4, although lighting and (chemical) processing differences means that this is not a very scientific comparison.

Even so, the difference compared to HP5 seems to be fairly small – and unlikely to justify giving up the greater flexibility of an ISO 400 film.

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