Dandylion Seeds

Fruits of Tarassacum officinalis and the last of the natural cliches. I think that it is obligatory for everyone photoblog to upload one of these every now and then. Taken with the generally under-rated but extremely versatile Olympus 12-50mm kit lens.

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Snail on a rock

Helix sp on a rock. This is a good example of what can be done to rescue a somewhat badly lit photograph in Capture One. After adjusting the overall exposure, the snail was masked and the surrounding background significantly dimmed. This is the original image:

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Macro photograph of a Bee on a flower - Canon 5DIII and 100mm f2.8 macro lens

Continuing the digression, a short series of nature macro images. After almost exclusively using a range-finder with black-and-white film, it feels strange to be shooting both close-up and in colour – and also not needing to clone out a tonne (metric) of dust and fluff from the scanning. Back to black-and-white in a week’s time, when the next batch of films have been properly processed and scanned (and also when I have figured out the easiest batch conversion to work around the grayscale TIFF bug in CaptureOne…)

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Milho Verde

Plant Macro, Milho Verde, Minas Gerais

  Some macro images of some very small plants near the Cachoeira Lajeado at Milho Verde (literally “Green Corn”) in Minas Gerais, Brazil. We stopped here briefly while travelling up from Serro to Diamantina, taking a break before tackling the unpaved mining roads.   This is quite an unusual environment, with dark rocks, white sand (from the incredible quantities of quartz here) and a peat bog. The bog area is quite sensitive, so we did not venture very far from the seemingly inevitable bathers in the small streams running through the area. […]

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