The Factory

CaixaForum in Barcelona is currently running a retrospective on Warhol – El Arte Mecánico, where you can see some the artist’s most iconic works and a good exposition of the route through commercial work that lead to the development of his iconic style. These are somewhat experimental shots taken on the Ricoh GR and processed to recall the style of some of Warhol’s work.

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Behind the Zoo – Barcelona Street Art

A short selection of images of street art. These are all located on Passeig de Circumval·lació – the rather literally named road that runs around the back of the zoo here in Barcelona. The quality of some the work is incredible, ranging from the Escher-esq gravity defying images of zoo cages through to a sequence of portraits of a woman and baby breast-feeding.

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Barcelona Still?

Five images of Barcelona, shot on colour film and developed at home with some rather expired chemicals. These were test images, taken out of curiosity to compare the old Minolta X300 with a cheap 35-70mm f4 zoom against the M7 with the Zeiss 50mm. The only conclusion I can see is that image quality wise, it is almost impossible to tell the zoom images from the prime lens. I also attempted to shoot some street photography with the X300, but this was much less successful than with the Leica thanks to […]

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Tis the Season…

Street lamp and electronic snow flakes, Plaça Catalunya, Barcelona. Canon 5D Mark III with 24-105mm f4.

It is (almost) the end of the year, and so to end here is the traditional set of photographs of the festive lights here in Barcelona. After shooting so many christmas lights over the year, it gets pretty repetitive – so these are slightly elaborated by means of zooming and rotating the camera while using a long exposure. I think this helps to create a slightly more abstract feel than usual. Ah, and the relief of finally uploading something in colour, without film and with a zoom lens :-) Seasons greetings everyone!

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Some Thoughts On Shooting Film

Street Photography, Barcelona. Leica M7 with Zeiss Biogon 2/35 and Ilford HP5 plus.

For nearly three months now I have shot almost exclusively with film, as an experiment to find ways to improve my photography. So far, it has been an odd mix of frustration, learning, and also pleasure. I thought that it might be helpful to summarise some thoughts on this process so far. Changes in the way I shoot I think the first and most obvious effect of shooting with film has been the impact on the number of images taken. Lightroom shows that roughly 400 shots were taken in the last three […]

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Life in Colour

Kiss - Street Photography - Barcelona

Two recent street snapshots from Barcelona. The top image taken in the Raval, the lower image in the Boqueria. Mouse-over to toggle between black-and-white and colour versions – on an iPad, tap the image quickly. A frequent problem with street photography in Barcelona is getting good subject isolation. We are now starting the summer tourist season and the streets are packed with people. It often seems impossible to take a picture, with people continuously bumping in to you or inadvertently blocking the shot. And even when it does work the […]

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