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Raval Colour

Some more street images, taken around the Raval and Ronda Sant Antoni, Barcelona. These are again mostly candids, taken using manual focus and a wide-angle lens. Although I am far from an expert in street photography, it is clear that themes naturally emerge as a result the interaction between environment and the instinctive interests of the photographer. And the environment here in Barcelona has such an incredible variety of life and its contrasts that there is always something interesting to photograph.

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Porto: Aspects

Porto is a strange place to visit, with several different characters all mixed in to the same space around the Ribera. In the centre, there are many buildings that appear abandoned, and which have probably been abandoned for quite a long time. This is not just the ongoing effect of the 2008 financial crisis, but something more fundamental as the town has shifted from the role of wine (Port) exporting to tourism. The result is an odd mixture of derelict splendour, amazing street art, the trappings of the tourist industry, […]

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Porto’s Tiles (Azulejos)

A short visit to Porto re-ignited my fascination for tiles. I love these tesserae with which it is possible to create the most intricate patterns or the simple shiny surface of the monochrome ones. The tiles of Porto seems to focus on flowery inspirations, swirling old-fashion compositions or 70s disco patterns.  I have posted here a rather long selection of the ones that caught my eye. And yes, there is a lot of blue (azul) in these tiles.  

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