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Street Photography: Different Cameras, Different Styles

Three People Looking out From Port Vell, Barcelona

This post describes the cameras that we [or at least one of us – the other is an innocent accomplice – ed] use for Street Photography and the characteristics of each. In street photography, the camera you use is at least as important for the relationship to the subject and your ability to use it fluidly and transparently as it is to image quality. Camera choice is a very personal and subjective topic, and so this is going to be a very subjective post. Currently we use three different cameras: […]

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Two women smoking, Barcelona

Two women chatting and smoking near the Boqueria, Carrer de la Petxina, Barcelona. One of the odd things about photographing Barcelona is how similar some of these images are to those taken in the 1970’s and 1980’s.

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Skateboarder, Barcelona.

Depending on your perspective, a sport, an art-form or the scourge of the streets (particularly at 1am, when the boards make an incredibly loud sound that seems to resonate between the buildings). Joaquin Costa, Barcelona.

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Barcelona Street Photograph

Posters for the anarcho-syndicalist CNT alongside a shopper, Barcelona. Spain still retains an odd tension between a strong grass-roots socialist perspective and increasingly right-wing parties, such as the current PP – a direct descendent of Franco’s fascist regime.

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35mm Equivalence and Street Photography

Diagram showing a camera system

  I have uploaded a short technical article on 35mm equivalence for APSC, micro-4/3 and compact cameras. The article explains why there is no inherent advantage to using a large camera for street photography when shooting stopped down (for example, when using zone-focussing). Click this link or image above to read more…

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Woman walking dog, Milan, Italy; Street Photography

  A small set of images taken in Milan and Lecco from a few days spent in Italy. All were taken with the Ricoh GR using manual focus. I think that these have a very different feel to the street photographs from Barcelona – although I am not certain if this is due to the subjects or the photographer…  

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