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35mm Equivalence and Street Photography

Diagram showing a camera system

  I have uploaded a short technical article on 35mm equivalence for APSC, micro-4/3 and compact cameras. The article explains why there is no inherent advantage to using a large camera for street photography when shooting stopped down (for example, when using zone-focussing). Click this link or image above to read more…

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Woman walking dog, Milan, Italy; Street Photography

  A small set of images taken in Milan and Lecco from a few days spent in Italy. All were taken with the Ricoh GR using manual focus. I think that these have a very different feel to the street photographs from Barcelona – although I am not certain if this is due to the subjects or the photographer…  

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Waiting for the Train…

Graffiti face, Cisano Bergamasco, Italy

Three graffiti faces at the extremely exciting Cisano Bergamasco railway station, Italy. These pretty much sum up the experience of local travel by state railway in Italy – where the trains are infrequent and where you need to walk back in to town to find a tobacconist to buy a ticket because there is no ticketing on neither train nor station. This is in stark contrast to the flashy private facilities associated with the profitable intercity routes (channeling their revenue in to private profit rather than support for the whole […]

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Carrer del Pintor Fortuny, Barcelona. This is quite a common sight – people hunting for scrap metal. This has become a problem for the city council, as the scrap value in part pays for the city-wide recycling system.

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Barcelona Street Photograph: Skateboarder

Skateboarder, Barcelona. Long exposure with fill-flash – a bit experimental, but with some practise it should be possible to get some interesting results. Shot with the Ricoh GR using built-in flash.

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