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Street Clichés II

Gas Cylinder Delivery - Barcelona Street Photography - Mark Moore

This has to be the hardest job – many of the flats the gas is being delivered too lack elevators and have tiny, cramped stairwells. It is astonishing that in 2015 there are still numerous people in Barcelona that rely on these deliveries for cooking and heating, rather than on piped gas.

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Street Clichés I

Barcelona Street Photography - Mark Moore

The first of a sequence of street photographs while I wait for the last batch of films to finish processing. They are part of an ongoing project for street photography in Barcelona. Street photography is an odd genre, so wide, ill defined and extensively shot that it often feels like its own cliché. Keeping this in mind, this sequence will do its best to use high contrast black-and-white processing, and hackneyed techniques such as pointing at a poster and waiting for someone to walk past. To reinforce the modernity of the cliché, these are all shot […]

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Darwin and the Monkey

Metal sculpture of Darwin as a monkey, Badalona

Metal statue portraying Darwin as a monkey. This is the mascot associated with the popular ‘Anís de Mono‘ – a version of the popular mediterranean liqueur that has been distilled at the seafront in Badalona for more than a century.  The statue is gazing contentedly at a bottle of anís (shown below). I am unclear if this is intended as either statement for or against evolution. However, what it says about anís drinkers seems fairly clear!

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Sea IV: Towers

Sant Adrià de Besòs

  A view towards the old (partially dismantled) power station at Sant Adrià de Besòs, Barcelona (and by way of a minor milestone, the 200th post on this blog). The station is quite characteristic, and hopefully the towers will be preserved as a landmark. Some more images of the structures in the gallery below.  

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Sea I: Outfall

Badalona Seafront Redevelopment. Photograph by Mark Moore

Film processing times are now pushing two-weeks thanks to easter, so it is back to digital for a while and a short sequence of recent sea-side pictures from around Barcelona. This is a jetty at part of the redeveloped sea-front at Badalona, even if it does look a little like an attempt at starting a trans-mediterranean bridge… To keep some kind of consistency with the previous set these were shot with a 50m lens  and stacked NB8 and polarising filters. The composition was chosen as a crude segue from the city […]

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