Disseny Hub

Diseny Hub, Barcelona. Canon 5D Mark III with 50mm f1.2L

An image from the facade of the new Disseny Hub building at Glories, Barcelona. If you are wondering where that is, it is just next to this soon-to-be-hotel (warning: plinky auto-play music):   Both images taken with the Canon 5D Mark III and 50mm f1.2L. The second image is a panorama from five separate images, corrected for perspective in photoshop, and with a final image size of 50M pixels.  

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Mercat del Born

Mercat del Born, Barcelona.

  A quick snap-shot from inside the newly restored and somewhat misleadingly named Mercat del Born, Barcelona. This has just undergone a complex restoration that exposed an extensive set of medieval remains underneath the more recent market construction. Now the former market functions as a local cultural centre, with the central area is opened up to show the ruins underneath. The result is a beautiful combination of two eras of history combined with modern exhibition spaces and meeting rooms – a great example of how to do these projects well. Apologies for the lack […]

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Barceloneta by Night

Night-time photograph along the beach front in Barceloneta. Taken with the Canon 5D Mark III and Sigma 35mm f1.4 Art.

Just to completely break any consistency with the previous uploads, here is a set of colour images taken around 8pm along the beach-front from Barceloneta to Port Olímpic in Barcelona. The lighting here is an impossible mess of different colour temperatures. Setting white balance for anything realistic is almost impossible, so I have settled for something surrealistic. Curiously, the saturation is not boosted – the main edits in Lightroom are to drive up the contrast and add vignetting. I used the DSLR for these to avoid carrying a tripod. All the […]

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Game playing, Playa de Sant Sebastian, Barceloneta, Barcelona.

A short sequence of images of the W-Hotel, near Barceloneta. These were taken using Ektar 100 with a black-and-white conversion in Lightroom (for no particular reason other than not having a fine-grained monochrome film to hand…). The hotel is one of the most prominent landmarks on the Barcelona coast. It was controversial when being built, partly because of ecological concerns resulting from the reclaimed land – though similar concerns had not prevented the industrial-scale development of tourism along the rest of the Barcelona coastline. As with the Hotel Arts, this is not […]

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Behind the Boqueria

Photograph of the building work at the back of the Boqueria, Barcelona. Minolta XDs with 24mm.

An image of the construction work at the back of the Mercat de Sant Josep de la Boqueria in central Barcelona. The work to construct an underground car-park was completed some time ago and the surface is now nearing completion. It is quite impressive that such a huge amount of work has been undertaken while the main market remained open. Minolta XD-s with MC 24mm f2.8 and Kodak Ektar 100, processed in to black and white.

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Mammoth, Parc de la Ciutadella, Barcelona. Leica M7. Zeiss ZM 2/35 Biogon.

Mammoth statue, Parc de la Ciutadella, Barcelona. I am not entirely sure what the connection between mammoths and Barcelona is, but there is also a Museu del Mamut here for anyone tired of the sunshine. Lecia M7 with Zeiss ZM 2/35 Biogon and Ilford HP5+.

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Vanishing Point

Vanishing Point: Tramlines and Trees, Barcelona. Leica M7 with Zeiss ZM 2/35 and Ilford HP5+

Tram lines alongside the Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona. I am sticking with simpler, static subjects until I get the hang of the 35mm framing and camera handling – so the straight railway tracks seem more than appropriate. Leica M7, Zeiss  ZM 2/35 Biogon, Ilford HP5+.

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High Art

Hotel Arts & Casino, Barcelona. Leica M7, Zeiss 2/35, Ilford HP5+

The Hotel Arts and casino at Port Olimpic, Barcelona. A suite in this inviting looking tower can cost up to 12000 euros per night, so if you are planning to stay for some time a cheaper option might simply be to buy a flat in Barceloneta. This was taken with Ilford HP5+, which to my eye appears to have both substantially nicer grain than XP2 and also higher resolution. I think that the grain’s texture is an advantage here, adding a nice 1960’s inner-city council housing vibe to the image of the luxury […]

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C41 Process Black and White Photography

Harbour highways, Barcelona

These are a short series of images taken around the cruise-ship terminal in Barcelona. They were taken using a mixture of Fuji Superia 200 and Ilford XP2 Super 400 films, both using the standard C41 process. The Ilford is interesting in that it is a black-and-white dye-based film, rather than traditional silver-halide. The first two shots were taken at ISO 200 using the Fuji, scanned using Vuescan and a PlusTek 7600i, and then converted in to black and white in Lightroom. A virtual red filter was applied in post-processing to help darken the […]

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A few simple pictures taken early in the morning along the beach between Port Olimpic and Barceloneta. This is quite a good time of year to catch the transient morning light as it is no longer necessary to get up at 4am… Shot with the DSLR rather than film so that I could use a short-telephoto lens (here the excellent Canon 135mm f2). The lens gives a nice telephoto compression that seems to work well with the relatively empty shots, suiting the early morning tranquility. There are surprisingly few ape-descended life forms people at the beach at […]

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Port Vell

Port Vell

Early morning view of the W-Hotel at Barceloneta, taken from the ferry jetty at the Port Vell harbour. It is rather a strange shot, as although there are numerous people and traders on the jetty above, the photograph implies a stillness and calm that is somewhat at odds with the nearby reality. I quite like the way that using film makes this scene look so much older.  

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One Hundred

Sant Antoni Sunday Book Market, Barcelona

What better way to mark the 100th post here but with a photograph of people browsing the second-hand books and magazines at the Sant Antoni Sunday Book Market, Barcelona. The transition from traditional printed matter to online sources is radically transforming almost all media that we use today. In modern parlance, people no longer simply read books, they “consume content” – a change in terminology that embraces both the increasing number of different media forms and also the notion of disposable hyper-consumption. As media moves increasingly online it becomes a pick-and-choose buffet of short snacks that […]

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