Lights and Shadows

Las Vegas Abstract Lights and Reflections - photograph by Mark Moore

A short collection of abstract city-scape images, making use of  reflections in glass.

These were shot with the E-M5 and a 25mm (50mm equivalent) fast prime lens.

Surprisingly, these are straight out-of-camera JPEG images. I try to shoot only in RAW, but after picking up the camera in a hurry it was left mis-configured. This very much limits the ability to correct white-balance and apply sensible levels of noise reduction…

For counterbalance, there are also some corresponding darker images:

Taken together, these pretty much summarise my feelings about Las Vegas: pretty to look at, but with a dark human undercurrent of ignorance, superstition, exploitation and addiction.

Vegas amplifies human nature through a distorted magnifying lens, free from most of the usual constraints of law and society. It would be fascinating to spend some time here just to explore this with a camera – as it was we had scarcely an hour out at night.