Storm Warning

Stormy beach scene, Badalona

A set of stormy beach scenes, shot along the coast from Badalona to el Masnou, north of Barcelona. These were part of a film shot as part of a processing test for Delta 400 exposed at EI1600 and processed in DD-X 1+4 as if shot at EI 3200. The resulting grain is quite harsh, but also quite fine compared to faster films. The film was scanned using an E-M1.2 with a macro lens, which tends to de-emphasise the grain compared to standalone (non-flatbed) film scanners.

Stormy beach scene, Montgat

Stormy beach scene, MontgatStormy beach scene, Montgat

Stormy beach scene, Montgat

Stormy beach scene, Masnou.


These were shot using a Minolta X700 and MD 50mm f1.4, while I was waiting for the M7 to come back from the repair to its repair. I do not have a colour filter set for the MD’s 50mm lens, so I used a step down ring to mount a polarising filter mainly to bring down the exposure times, which are typically 1/500th at f11 here.

This might seem an odd thing to do (why not just expose at box speed!) but I am trying partly to better distance the film images from their digital counterparts, and partly to find a film speed and processing that can be used for both daylight and night shots in the city. It turns out that my X700 is not too great at the latter, as there is too much mirror slap for night shots at EI1600, which end up at ~1/30th in Barcelona’s darker corners.

Still on the to-do list is to test stand development with mixed EI 800, EI 1600 and EI 3200 exposures on the same film, although I am already getting quite a low contrast scan with the current developer and times.


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