Barcelona Street – Week 1

Trying to keep cool while on strike, as Barcelona taxi drivers block the Gran Via in protest at competition from Uber.

This is the first of five weekly posts featuring street images take in Barcelona.

The idea is to try to improve my street photography my methodologically trying different approaches and subjects. Each week will feature images shot using a  specific camera and lens, with the intention of really deciding what style, medium, focal length and way of shooting seems to work best. At the end I will write a summary of what techniques were used and some of the pros-and-cons.

For this week, all the images were shot with the Leica M10 and 28mm Summicron in an impossibly hot Barcelona. More than anything, the heat is the biggest barrier to going out and taking photographs at the moment…

In Barcelona, beer is like water…

Street scene, Barcelona.

Skate train, pulled by an electric scooter!

Passageway, Barcelona.


  1. These are fantastic images ,I love the POV and framing of the subject and look forward reading about what techniques you think have been the most successful.I only tend take street shots when on holiday as I feel to self conscious.

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