Behind the Boqueria

Photograph of the building work at the back of the Boqueria, Barcelona. Minolta XDs with 24mm.

An image of the construction work at the back of the Mercat de Sant Josep de la Boqueria in central Barcelona. The work to construct an underground car-park was completed some time ago and the surface is now nearing completion. It is quite impressive that such a huge amount of work has been undertaken while the main market remained open.

Minolta XD-s with MC 24mm f2.8 and Kodak Ektar 100, processed in to black and white.


  1. Nice Ektar work Mark. I shot my first roll of 35mm Ektar in my M3 this week so I am interested to see how many get converted to B&W due to ‘dodgy’ colours. I was shooting fashion / portraiture so it is even more of a risk to get useable colours. We shall see! At least if I convert it to B&W it gives some nice tones / grain. Nice series. Cheers Matt

    • Thanks. Most of my colour problems stem from vuescan, which always seems to suck too much red out of the image, even with a blank scan and ‘lock film base’. It is not too bad, but still a bit too reminiscent of an Instagram filter.

      What I want to try is to shoot a colour swatch and then use this to make a custom DNG profile for Lightroom for use with raw scans. Will be interesting to see if a single profile will work well enough, or whether there is too much variation from the developing.

      Lots to do and so little time…

  2. I normally scan with a v600 flatbed but I understand for true colours labs are better. For that reason I sent them the Ektar to dev+scan for a ‘fair’ test of what it can do. I will blog it if any good so feel free to see how the colours compare. The colour swatch is a nice idea too. Of the 120 Ektar i’ve shot it was pretty hit and miss results colour wise –

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