Simplicity 2

Mural on the side of College of Architects, Barcelona. Minolta X300 with 35-70mm and Ilford HP5+ rated at ISO 3200 and processed in DD-X. This was one of a series of films that were shot to try push-processing HP5 three stops, which gives an interesting effect with grain and contrast.

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If a tree falls…

If a tree falls…?. The first of a new sequence of black-and-white film images, and also a new posting format with daily film shots combined with a longer pieces at the weekend. Taken with the Leica M7 with ZM 1,4/35 and yellow filter on HP5+ developed in HC-110 1+63 at a rather too hot ambient temperature of 27c. While I like the tree, for these images I am not a great fan of the grain that I am getting with this combination of HP5+, developer and temperature. Unfortunately, it is not easy […]

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Three images from Milan, Italy. These were actually the last before the problems here wiped out all the projects and planned travel for this year. That said I am gradually trying to get back to more focussed work and am now gradually getting through some processing backlog. All three images were taken with the M7 and 50mm C-Sonnar on HP5+ exposed at box speed and developed in HC110 1+63.

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Barceloneta Double Exposure

Double exposure on Barceloneta Beach, Barcelona

Double exposure on HP5+, taken in-camera with the Minolta XDs at Barceloneta‘s San Sebastian beach. Maybe given the outcome of recent COP21 climate talks in Paris, there is a fair chance this is will not be an accurate representation of the area by 2200. After the 120 film frames, the 35mm seem awfully small and grainy…

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Abstracted bridge architecture, Paris. Photoshop composite of a black-and-white film image.

Trying something slightly different, with some architectural images shot on film and then modified in Photoshop. All of the grainy reality of film, only without the reality… The first of the set is an old cliché, but fun nonetheless.

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