Sant Andreu

Another test shot, pushing Delta 400 to EI 1600 in ID-11 with dilution 1+1. This was taken in full sunlight in Sant Andreu, using an ND filter to bring the exposure down to something that the camera could manage. The daylight shots are better exposed that those from the night, but the reduced dynamic range compared to similarly pushed HP5+ is still evident.

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Ambiguous Dance, Barcelona.

Dancing partners, forming part of the very modern pesebre (nativity scene) that was hosted in Plaça de Sant Jaume, Barcelona. Another test shot with Ilford Delta 400 pushed to EI 1600 and processed in ID-11 dilution 1+1. This was taken after dark, and the resulting scans are struggling a bit to pick up shadow detail in high-contrast scenes such as this where the camera metering has probably underexposed the image slightly. Compared to similarly pushed HP5+ the Delta seems to have much finer grain, but less exposure latitude.

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Sombrerería Obach

Sombrerería Obach, Barcelona. Another Ilford Delta 400 push-processing example, at EI 1600 in ID-11. It is very much easier to loose shadow detail with these night shots, partly because the M7’s metering tends to err on the under-exposure side when there are bright lights present, and partly because the available dynamic range of the film is being compressed somewhat by the push-processing. Would be interesting to compare this with some images shot with Delta 3200 at EI 1600, which should have tighter grain and a bit more exposure latitude.

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