Manteros at Barceloneta

Alien Manteros at the beach in Barceloneta, Barcelona.

Manteros at the beach in Barceloneta, having been displaced by the police from around the luxury marina (we can not have all those poor tax-evading billionaires being upset by the sight of illegal aliens selling illegal goods now, can we).

Another 35mm test shot using Delta 400 pushed to EI 1600 in ID-11 1+1. Again, a difficult back-lit exposure where the there is little shadow detail remaining on the negatives.



    • The council are trying (and failing) to stop this by concurrently blocking the illegal selling while providing alternative legal work. But I think there are just too many.

    • It seems to getting worse here, and it is unclear what the solution is.
      This was from a block of four films all pushed to 1600 to test the combination of film & developer (which I have not used like this before). I shot a mix of daylight and night partly because I trust my exposures more in daylight…
      I am not desperately happy with the result, where the shadows blocked up more than I would like. I need to try tweaking the developing time a little and also try some Microphen which is waiting patiently for some films…

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