Oil and Water

Two sets of images from two very different festivals, shot in Barcelona.

The first, images taken at el Parc del Clot from an Eid al-Fitr gathering at the end of Ramadan (click on the gallery to view individual images):



The second, a set of images taken from Barcelona Pride, which took place a short while afterwards:



The difference between the two groups could not be greater, culturally and ethnically. Barcelona is an extremely multicultural city, but for that to mean anything cultures must mix and interact. Unfortunately, instant global communication is leading to a hardening of cultural barriers and the creation of deep ethnic and cultural bubbles that ultimately undermine the totality of the physical societies in which they exist. There was essentially no overlap in the attendance of these two events.

It should be added that both events are flawed: one for the appalling waste and misdirection of human potential that organised religion creates, and the other for allowing encroaching commercialisation (economic and political) to detract from what is fundamentally still a march to demand fair and equal rights.


Canvasing for Pink independence votes at Barcelona Pride 2017…


Despite the Pride march passing the Raval, there were sadly rather more illegal beer sellers than Pakistani marchers or participants.


  1. A very accurate description of why a multicultural society in our cities does not work as it should. Instead of mingling, creating a melting pot from which something new might appear, they just form cultural bubbles that are as far from multiculturalism as possible.

    • Yes, I agree. It seems particularly bad here in Spain, with most bubbles seemingly organised on ethnic grounds. In the south there are towns inhabited almost entirely by British retirees, to pick just one example. Such bubbles have probably always existed in one form or another, but modern comunications and transport are perhaps allowing them to develop to a degree never seen before.

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