Barcelona Street Scene

Continuing the series of high-ISO film tests, this is the first of a set of images taken using Ilford Delta 400, exposed at EI1600 and processed as if for EI3200 (ie: equivalent to rating the film at ISO3200 but over-exposing each image by one stop). These were processed in Microphen stock.

The results are clearly different to Delta 3200 shot under the same conditions and the same developer. The images are clearly less grainy and although the tonality is not quite as good, the results are quite nice. The scans (macro photographs) clearly show less dynamic range than with Delta 3200, but that is not a problem given the hybrid analogue (film+developer) and digital (scanning and post-processing) workflow that I am using for all the film images.

Shot with the M7 and ZM 2/35.

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