World Press Photo 2015

The World Press Photo 2015 Exhibition at the CCCB, Barcelona.

Three long-exposures taken at  the World Press Photo 2015 exhibition at the CCCB, Barcelona. The exhibition was organised by the interesting Fundación Photographic Social Vision.

The exhibits seemed to have a little less impact this year, although Marco was quite taken by some of the insect images (“parasites are always intriguing…”, which I hope is not a comment on these images). It was incredibly busy, and quite difficult to cope with the crowds, so at one point I collapsed on a bench and took these shots. They are long exposures taken at low ISO with the ND filter engaged – the photographic equivalent of wearing cheap sunglasses at night. The images seem a fairly accurately representation of my sense of the exhibition.

The World Press Photo 2015 Exhibition at the CCCB, Barcelona.

There was no tripod used for these. I just sat the camera on the ground and set the angle by carefully wedging plastic bottle-tops under the lens. Sharp edged bottle-tops are always an excellent way of coping with the overloads that these crowds bring, and it is always a good idea to keep some handy just in case.

The World Press Photo 2015 Exhibition at the CCCB, Barcelona.

I am not quite sure how to categorise these pictures. Sort-of street-photographs, but taken indoors with long exposure in a photography exhibition? I think that the venue and the interactions of the predominantly white middle-class visitors were more interesting than the intended exhibits. Now, if only we could get those people photographing the exhibits to go and take some photographs of the life outside in the Raval…

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