Road Trip I

Road Trip

A short set of cinematic style images taken during the driving. Very often we focus so much on the destinations that we miss much of beauty or interest along the journey. The images are all compressed telephoto shots cropped and processed to try to give a cinematic sense of space and other worldliness. The hope was to try to convey the sense of emptiness and scale that pervades much of the United States, away from the densely packed urban and coastal areas.

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2015 Partial Solar Eclipse seen from Barcelona

Partial eclipse of the sun, seen from Barcelona

Partial solar eclipse, seen from Barcelona. Unfortunately it is very overcast today, so not really the best conditions. I had hoped to use an exposure blend to bring out detail on the surface of the sun such as the few sunspots that are currently visible. But all you can see is just the obscuring cloud. The photograph was taken with an E-M5, 100-300mm zoom and a 10-stop ND filter that has a very strong blue colour cast.

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