Macro photograph of a Bee on a flower - Canon 5DIII and 100mm f2.8 macro lens

Continuing the digression, a short series of nature macro images. After almost exclusively using a range-finder with black-and-white film, it feels strange to be shooting both close-up and in colour – and also not needing to clone out a tonne (metric) of dust and fluff from the scanning. Back to black-and-white in a week’s time, when the next batch of films have been properly processed and scanned (and also when I have figured out the easiest batch conversion to work around the grayscale TIFF bug in CaptureOne…)

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2015 Partial Solar Eclipse seen from Barcelona

Partial eclipse of the sun, seen from Barcelona

Partial solar eclipse, seen from Barcelona. Unfortunately it is very overcast today, so not really the best conditions. I had hoped to use an exposure blend to bring out detail on the surface of the sun such as the few sunspots that are currently visible. But all you can see is just the obscuring cloud. The photograph was taken with an E-M5, 100-300mm zoom and a 10-stop ND filter that has a very strong blue colour cast.

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Five Textures

Old weathered log

Again, something slightly different from usual with some abstract(ish) natural textures photographed while walking in the Alps. With one exception these were again shot using a polarising filter – which lived on the camera most of the time as a way to cut out haze and reflections on this rather damp trip.

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