The Streets of Lahore

Some shots from the streets of Lahore, inside of the walled city. Finally, somewhere that makes Barcelona look quiet ;-) I really like the disorganised organisation of a South Asian bazaar. Everything happens at the same time at the same place and in some cases seemingly and unseemingly crushing and confronting. Human behaviour at its most raw, unfiltered and unconstrained (or at least so it seems). All this action is accompanied by a strong stimulation of all senses (beyond the visual), noise can be deafening and smells overpowering. However, the […]

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Mughal Lahore

Recently I was in Lahore at the invitation of the Punjab government for an archaeological conference. This was a nice occasion to revisit one of the most beautiful cities in South Asia (well, once you do not focus too much on the engulfing traffic and pollution), which I last saw some 15 years ago. One of the most interesting aspects of the city is its collection of fine Mughal architecture (1524 to 1752). The walled city with the old fort and the many mosques still preserve the flavour of grandeur and refinement for which the Mughal […]

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Winter Garden

A short set of images taken at the Jardí Botànic Històric on the Monjuïc, Barcelona. This particular garden was originally established in the 1930’s by recycling constructions from the 1929 World Fair, before the what is later creation of what is now the main botanic garden in 1999.  The garden is quite small and shady (never a bad thing given the summer environment here), and is notable for its collection of medicinal plants.  

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Cataratas del Iguazú

Another couple of days off from work and a chance to revisit the Cataratas del Iguazú. These amazing waterfalls lie along the border between Brazil and Argentina and are surrounded by a beautiful tropical forest, which in the 19th century once covered almost the entirety of this region. The falls can be visited from both Argentina and Brazil – and  both sides are just awesome. All images were shot with an Olympus E-M10II and 12-50mm kit zoom.

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Dandylion Seeds

Fruits of Tarassacum officinalis and the last of the natural cliches. I think that it is obligatory for everyone photoblog to upload one of these every now and then. Taken with the generally under-rated but extremely versatile Olympus 12-50mm kit lens.

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Sea of Ice

Snow Ice and Glaciers - Aerial Photography

  A set of shots taken from flight TK79 on its northern route between Istanbul and San Francisco. These photographs were chosen to make a nice contrast with the previous post about the Grand Canyon.   These shots were taken (somewhat obviously) from the plane window while half blinded by the incredible light reflected by this white landscape. These are of northern Canada – just slightly north of the Baffin Bay – on a sunny, and probably warmish day of spring, with the snow and ice pack starting to melt. The glaciers pouring out […]

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Serra do Cipó

Nature - Serra do Cipó

  Some random images of nature from the Parque Nacional Serra do Cipó, Brazil – a break from work before the New Year starts for real. Click on the images in the album below for larger. These were all shot on digital (Olympus and Ricoh) – it will be several weeks before the film images are processed.

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The Old Dairy

Milk churn and racks of maturing cheeses, Pian delle Betulle, Italy

  The walk from Pian delle Betulle, in Alta Valsassina, to the Larice Bruciato (burnt larch)  is a lovely trail through a beech forest and pasturelands. On the way there is the Alpe Ortighera, a summer pasture, where there is the old dairy illustrated in this post. This is the main room at the entrance of the dairy with the churning machine to make butter (the stainless steel drum on the right) and some of the season production of ricotta, a whey cheese. The forms on the shelves are left to […]

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Porto’s Tiles (Azulejos)

A short visit to Porto re-ignited my fascination for tiles. I love these tesserae with which it is possible to create the most intricate patterns or the simple shiny surface of the monochrome ones. The tiles of Porto seems to focus on flowery inspirations, swirling old-fashion compositions or 70s disco patterns.  I have posted here a rather long selection of the ones that caught my eye. And yes, there is a lot of blue (azul) in these tiles.  

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La Sagrada Família

          Some snapshots taken from inside of La Sagrada Família during the Mercé, Barcelona. Aside from the wonderful architecture, the overall impression of the church is dominated by how bright it is. In part, this is because many of the windows still lack the final installation of stained glass. But also this is because of the extremely white cement structures which make a great canvas for the light. Some more images – this time in colour – can be found at 500px.

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